Great article by Jeff B. Cohen, Esq. for Backstage on Marketing:

To succeed, actors must also be effective at marketing themselves. It is a valuable exercise to view marketing from the perspective of your target audience. Fortunately, talent agent Steve Muller of Innovative Artists, talent manager Devon Jackson of Trademark Talent, and casting director and acting teacher Deborah Aquila of Aquila Morong Studio were kind enough to provide their perspective. Let’s explore their thoughts on how actors can more effectively market themselves to the entertainment industry.

No Rep Is Better Than the Wrong Rep

Being out of work and without representation can create a sense of desperation in actors. This may lead them to believe that teaming up with any agent or manager is better than having none at all. The idea seems reasonable, but it may be a trap with long-lasting repercussions.

Says Jackson, “I see actors marketing themselves at too low of a level, simply to get their foot in the door. That’s a mistake and in the long run acts as a glass ceiling on their career. It’s not always about the size of the company, but rather getting the representative who understands you, who shares your ideas and has the access you need.”

Muller echoes this sentiment: “I think that one of the biggest mistakes young actors make is sending out materials too early. Mass mailings are usually a mistake. They would be better off studying with the right people, performing, and taking time to find the representative that is right for them. Education is really more important at first than trying to jump in too quickly.”