Esquire has 2 new articles about Dazed and Confused celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary.  The editors talk about the first time they saw the movie HERE.  And then Stephen Marche writes about why it was the definitive move about the ’90′s, not the ’70′s.  Here are a couple of quotes from the article:

“Dazed has a special place in the history of nostalgia because it arrived right in the middle of Generation X, that most nostalgic of generations. It may well be the best movie ever made about the longing for other times.”

“The obsessive quality of memory in Dazed and Confused is the main source of its strength. The detail of the recreation of the past is extreme, and not just on the cars and the clothes. Obviously Linklater was on a mission to get everything just right: At the grade-eight year-end dance, all the girls are taller than the boys. How many people noticed that?”

Read the rest HERE.